Trial Exhibits

Car accident reenactment, Biologic Animation

Car accident reenactment

Complex Cases Simplified

Is your case getting complex and in need of simplification? Are you looking for scientifically accurate forensic animations, crime scene visualizations, trial exhibits, car accident reenactments, mechanism of injury demonstrations, medical illustrations or 3D animations? Do you have an MRI of your client’s injury and want a hand-held model created for jurors to examine? We’re here to help.

Trial Room Animations

Biologic Animation creates medical and scientific animations for use as trial exhibits. We work one-on-one with our clients to translate expert testimony into a visual narrative that jurors and judges can quickly understand. Visualizations translate thousands of complex words into a narrative visual experience that creates lasting memories. These are powerful tools used that change awareness by visualizing truth within the unknown.

Services include:

  • Medical Animation

    Development of medically accurate visuals of gross anatomy and pathophysiology for educational usage to communicate basic information about the human body to non-medical viewers.

  • Surgical Animations

    Surgery is never perfect. Things don’t always go as expected. Our simple and accessible animations allow leigh people with a modest understanding of science to visually diagnose causality of medical malpractice injury.

  • Accident Reenactments

    Was an automobile accident involved? Did events happen quickly over a complex landscape? Automobile accident recreation help corroborate witness testimony and solidify understanding on complex collisions.

  • Chronology Recreations

    Animations that utilize design and graphics to explain the sequence of events that occur over a course of time help to organizing people and environmental factors by location and time. Once defined, chronology animations turn complex situations into easily digested visualizations.

  • MRI Reconstructions

    Magnetic resonance imagery ( MRI ) provide unparalleled access to patient specific trauma and pathology. Slice by slice, radiologists are trained to interpret medical data into a prognostic understanding of a patient.

  • Exhibits and Models

    Nothing personalizes information better than hand-held models. When the topic is personal injury, 3D MRI reconstructions of patient anatomy allows for visual and tactile inspection of medical data.

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