Processing microscopy footage can be tedious if limited to traditional image processing software. More advanced applications are used to process imagery, resizing and sharpening details. Visual Effects software used to create cinematic special effects empower visualization scientists with a new set of investigational tools to bring scientific experiments to life.

Confocal Data Visualization

Immunofluorescence experiments are almost always captured on highly sensitive monochrome cameras in 12, 14 or 16bit data formats. This means that each type of fluorophore is captured as a different image. Visualization Scientists create composite to give context to the experimental results. Each layer of the composite brings together the different scan types into a final multi-colored image providing spatial information about the different biologic structures.

cell culture microscopy

Microscopy and Cinematic Visual Effects

Often times, data sets are of poor quality, certainly for use in large format media display. When processing data into volumetric representations, or analysis of cellular behavior over time, the amount and resolution of scans prevent for a refined examination. Most scientific software, while excellent at performing complex calculations like cell counting, are limited by the quality of imagery used. This is when visual effect software comes to the rescue.

Resizing, Sharpening, and Resampling Data over Time

When scans are lower quality than the broadcast medium our client’s request, we process data by resizing and sharpening its detail without altering the data captured. Often times, data sets contain more than just one slice of a cell. Often there are multiple layers of scans, different focal depths, or sequences of time.

Not only can we resize and improve image quality, we can also resample sequences to lengthen and slow the movements captured. This allows for more natural analysis to better visualize rapid sub-cellular events.

Visualization Services

  • Confocal Microscopy Animation
  • Fluorescence Composites
  • Cell Counting
  • 3D Volumetric