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Stroke 3D Animation

A Stroke occurs when a blood clot travel to the brain and obscure the flow of blood. 3D Medical Animation This 3d medical animation visualizes a stroke.  A blood clot travels from the heart to the brain and causes where it causes tissue damage. This animation is part of a larger educational campaign for XARELTO® (rivaroxaban). […]

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Finding the Origins of Life

Primordial Cell

3D animation depicting the necessary cellular structures required for primordial cellular life to form. 3D Medical Animation Primordial Cell from Biologic Discovery on Vimeo. This is a variation of an animation we did for the National Geographic Channel Show, “Finding the Origins of Life.” The animation depicts the fundamental structures for what the first cells must […]

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Finding the Origins of Life

Primordial DNA Assembly and Replication

3D animation depicting the assembly and replication of DNA strands. 3D Medical Animation Primordial DNA Self Assembly and Replication from Biologic Discovery on Vimeo. This 3D molecular animation was created for the National Geographic Channel show, Finding the Origins of Life. This animation is based on x-ray crystallography data sets of DNA. Each nucleotide color coded […]

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Ferritin, Chelation, Biologic Animation

Ferritin Iron Storage

3D medical animation depicting iron storage in the Ferritin protein. 3D Medical Animation Iron Storage from Biologic Discovery on Vimeo. This 3D animation was created to explain iron chelation therapy. Ferritin is a fascinating protein, a molecular storage bin for iron atoms. To prevent the toxic buildup of iron, Ferritin stores this atom until the body needs […]

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HIV Membrane Fusion

The Lifecyle of HIV

3D medical animation demonstrating the lifecycle of HIV and points of therapeutic intervention. 3D Medical Animation HIV Final Deliverable from Biologic Discovery on Vimeo. This award-winning 3D Animation was created to explain the different types of therapeutic intervention used to prevent HIV infection, replication, and membrane fusion. Request a Custom 3D Medical Animation Do you have […]

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GLP-1, Diabetes, Biologic Animation

GLP-1 Structural Confomration Study

Molecular visualization of GLP-1 movements and stable conformations. 3D Molecular Animation Study of theoretical stable GLP-1 configurations from Biologic Discovery on Vimeo. This animation depicts a series of stable configurations of the GLP-1 molecule. Of interest, it appears that the residues with greatest structural mobility just happen to be the residues inactivated by DPP4, (residues […]

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Molecular Visualization of Hemoglobin Oxygenation

3D visualization of structural changes to hemoglobin after binding of oxygen molecules 3D Animated Molecular Visualization Oxygenation of Hemoglobin from Biologic Discovery on Vimeo. This 3D molecular visualization of the oxygenation of hemoglobin was created to accompany our Oxygenated Hemoglobin model. It demonstrates the unique structural changes of the HEME Group, and the planar shift […]

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Sickle Cell Anemia

3D Medical Animation of Sickle Cell Anemia Sickle Cell Anemia 3D Animation from Biologic Discovery on Vimeo. Here’s a short take of an animation depicting issues associated with sickle cell anemia. When people have hemoglobin mutations, their red blood cells become deformed and transform into a sickle shape, becoming less malleable and unable to smoothly flow through […]

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Cinematic visual effects created for film and television utilize software with the same mathematical image processing power found in scientific visualization. Here are some examples of microscopy visualizations using visual effects software that can access floating point pixel value. Unlike scientific software, visual effects software has a multitude of additional functionalities to render and clean up small […]

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