Plasma Membrane Test Animation

This is an animation test of a phospholipid bilayer plasma membrane. I’ve included T cell CD4 and CCR5 receptors floating around the surface for a bit of extra flair.

I’ve been playing around with Cinema 4D for the last week. Seriously considering transitioning from Softimage to it. I’m all but convinced. Next project I’ll try it out. One of the coolest parts has to be MoGraph. It’s wicked fast. This animation simulates about 3000 phospholipids, each with about 1000 polygons. ICE/Softimage would be hard-pressed to get this type of performance. This animation was adapted from Thomas Brown’s 2016
NAB video outlining his process for simulating a plasma membrane. You can watch it here.

The Amazing Plasma Membrane

Here’s a render from Softimage. While it was possible to get ICE to simulate the membrane, the performance and render time for it was too slow to be practical at render. I’m really excited to see how MoGraph performs during rendering.

More animation and render tests coming soon.

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