Visual Effects software used to create cinematic special effects in film or television utilize software with the same mathematical image processing power found in common scientific visualization software. Here’s some examples of microscopy visualizations using visual effects software that has the power to detect floating point pixel value and then rendered out in HD resolution.

Confocal Data Visualization

Immunofluorescence experiments are often captured on highly sensitive monochrome cameras in 12, 14 or 16bit data formats. Visualization Scientists create composite images that take layered imagery and sorts them into different color channels. From this imagery analysis, scientists can deduce experimental results. Each layer combines to create a color composite that delineates microscopic structures. Since many scans traverse a depth of tissue, visualizations of cross-sections tell the story of cellular density and diversity.

cell culture microscopy

Microscopy and Cinematic Color Correction

Often times, data sets are of poor quality, certainly for use in large format media display. Most scientific software, while excellent at performing complex calculations like cell counting and volumetric reconstructions, are limited by the quality of imagery utilized. This is when visual effect software comes to the rescue. Just like film undergoes a cinematic color correction process, visualization scientists enhance raw data just like classic visualization software and make ready for broadcasting.

Resizing, Sharpening, and Resampling Data over Time

When scans much smaller in resolution than the broadcast video production requires, it’s important to have a visual effect professional acutely resize and sharpen microscopy data. There are layers of scientific data stored in a single file.

Plasma membranes, organelles, nuclear DNA are stored in as layers of black and white data that needs to be converted into broadcast resolution footage. When you process these layers while resizing and sharpening footage, prove to be a useful tool for creating high-quality scientifically accurate medical footage.

3D Microscopy Animation

Not all microscopy data sets can tell complex stories that match a narrative message. 3D animation can create these narrative scientific stories and depict its characters like doctors saw in textbooks from grad school.

Visualization Services

  • Confocal Microscopy Animation
  • Fluorescence Composites
  • Cell Counting
  • 3D Volumetric
  • 3D Animation


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