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Parkinson's Disease, Biologic Animation

Catechol-O-methyltransferase Bound by Inhibitors

This is a 3D visualization of protein dataset 4XUE depicting Catechol-O-Methyltransfase bound by inhibitors. 3D animations such as these are often found as part of promotional and marketing videos that communicate unique product messaging associated to protein specific advancements in the treatments of disease. Medical Animations as Lead Magnets At Biologic Animation, we help our clients leverage marketing […]

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Car accident reenactment, Biologic Animation

Car Accident Animation

A car accident reenactment animation helps communicate spatial and timing relationships that lead to collisions and personal injury. Denoting for juries speeds and distances of participants in a collision helps clarifies confusing and complex crime scenes by simplifying the most important information associated to causality. Request a Custom Car Accident Animation

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Cinematic visual effects created for film and television utilize software with the same mathematical image processing power found in scientific visualization. Here are some examples of microscopy visualizations using visual effects software that can access floating point pixel value. Unlike scientific software, visual effects software has a multitude of additional functionalities to render and clean up small […]

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