2D Corporate Animation

2D corporate animations are the craze right now. Whiteboard, hand drawn character animations grab the attention of viewers in ways that remind us of our childhood. These animations are fun, and visually engaging. Much faster to produce than traditional 3D animation, 2D corporate videos are an ideal solution for marketing campaigns that don’t need the complexity of 3D animation to tell their corporate story.

Johnny Gets Better

This is a short video showcasing the simplicity of storytelling that makes 2D corporate animations so appealing.

Healthcare Reform with Kelly KOL

I love anything drawn in black and white. Whiteboard animations like these demonstrate the storytelling simplicity of 2D corporate animations. They remind us of comic books and sunday comic strips. Humor is so often a part of these videos, they make for enjoyable media experiences that people both learn from and want to share.

Prognosis of Healthcare

Not all corporate videos are humorous. When it’s important for people to learn facts and information from a video, animated information graphics are the ideal storytelling tools to communicate with audiences.

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